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Aladdin’s: Delicious food for the health-conscious

Columbus, Ohio is considered to be a microcosm of the United States in terms of food consumption. The city is used as a test market for many new restaurants, and this can be evidenced by the overload of dining establishments then seem to appear daily. Unfortunately, most of these establishments seem to be focused on over-the-top, gluttonous dishes rather than portioned, healthy meals. With such a multitude of unhealthy options, it is seeminly daunting to eat out while still eating healthy. There are, however, many restaurants that champion healthy dishes while still maintaining a delicious flavor. Aladdin’s, with several locations around Columbus, offers an amazing selection of both healthy and delectable dishes, with their intention being to “provide customers with unique natural foods of the Middle East” and to “cater to increased awareness and concern regarding health and nutrition”. according to their website. Traditional Middle Eastern cuisine, with commonly consumed items such as olives, sesame seeds, chickpeas and parsley, is among the healthiest and diverse in the world. Middle Eastern food is influenced by the sundry surrounding cultures, and is most closely tied with the Mediterranean diet. A Google search quickly informs one that the Mediterranean diet is like superfood for the body, and especially for the heart. Not only does Aladdin’s perfectly represent Middle Eastern cuisine, but they use quality ingredients. Almost everything is made from scratch. Their hummos, a stable of any Middle Eastern diet, rival that of any restaurant around the city. They have over ten different salads from which to choose for vegans and vegetarians, and excellent specialty plates for meateaters. The Mediterranean Lamb Plate is a must for any (meat-eating) Aladdin’s visitor, with its unique combination of cinnamon, lamb, rice, and a tahini yogurt dressing. Aladdin’s beverage section truly stands out and sets them apart from most other establishments. They offer seemingly endless selections of natural, raw juices, with combinations ranging from “Carrot Apple” to “Honeymooner” (carrot, grape and cucumber). Overall, Aladdin’s is impressive because they offer amazingly healthy food that is rich and satisfying. They have several locations in Columbus; they can be viewed on their website.

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