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Aladdin’s Eatery serves up natural, fresh fare

Aladdin’s Eatery serves up natural, fresh fare

There are no magic carpet rides or Genie’s at Aladdin’s Eatery, but from the decor to the food, one would believe there could be.
“The magic is in the food,” said Stacey Biggs, general manager of the restaurant that opened last month at The Strip. “We serve fresh Lebanese American food. There aren’t any cheeseburgers and fries, but we offer our customer healthy cuisine. That is kind of our claim to fame here.”
The menu is full of dishes marked vegan or vegetarian. Among them are the restaurant’s humus, a creamy blend of pureed chickpeas, Tahiti, fresh lemon juice, and extra virgin olive oil for $6.35; Louble Bzeit, made of Italian green beans sautéed with onions, fresh whole garlic cloves, Pomodoro sauce and extra virgin olive oil for $6.45; and Falafel, with crispy Falafel patties, tomato slices and Tahiti yogurt dressing for $6.45. All are vegan and all are served with pita bread on the side.
Thinking outside of the vegan box, customers can get a Kibbie Plate of croquettes of lean beef and bulgur filled with onions and roasted pine nuts served with greens, sliced tomatoes, cucumbers and Kalamata olives for $12.85; a Mediterranean Beef Kafta Plate with links of lean beef mixed with onions, parsley, herbs and spices served with seasoned brown rice with vermicelli, roasted pine nuts and almonds, and cinnamon, $13.85; and Mujadara Plate with steamed lentils and brown rice topped with Lebanese Salata and crispy browned onions for $10.95.
“We are very familiar with gluten free diets too, so for people who are gluten free, the menu lists all the dishes,” Biggs said. Gluten free dishes include Aladdin’s Shish Kabob, grilled lean beef tenderloin for $13.95; fire-grilled marinated tender cuts of lamb for $14.75; and grilled seasoned chicken thigh for $11.95.
“Our food is all prepared from scratch with no additives or preservatives. There is really something for everyone here. Even if you are a picky eater, you will find something on the menu.”
She explained that the food is not low calorie, but it is all fresh and diners can feel confident that everything on the menu is natural and fresh. There are no secret ingredients, and a full list of nutrition facts are available at
The restaurant was founded in Lakewood and is now all over Northeast Ohio. It recently opened its first restaurant in Florida. The Strip site seats about 83 people. An artist painted all of the original paintings that hang in the restaurant, which is light and open with hanging lamps and soft, Middle Eastern music.
“We try to provide the best food possible,” said Biggs. “And an enjoyable atmosphere. Our philosophy is simple. Come as a customer, leave as a friend.”
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Story by: Denise Sautters, Canton Repository

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