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The Plain Dealer: YUM! Cleveland-Area Sandwiches That Are To Die For

Aladdin’s Eatery 775 SOM Center Road, Mayfield, 440-684-1168 (Several other locations: Talk about treasure-troves. The menu at Aladdin’s is packed with surprisingly taste fare that’s fresh, reasonably portioned for the relatively modest prices, and usually pretty healthful. Case in point: Aladdin’s mujadara (pronounced “moo-jah-DAH-rah”) pocket ($6.95). This vegetarian pita sandwich, served with your choice of dressing, is stuffed with a toothsome combination of lentils and rice, layered with mixed green salad and Lebanese tomato-and-cucumber salata, then topped with a flurry of toasted onions. Talk about veggie-loading. It’s delicious, satisfying, and pretty inexpensive- and you get to feel all virtuous to boot.