It’s time to talk about the vegan diet. Here at Aladdin’s, there are many vegan-friendly menu options for guests to choose from, whether it’s for health reasons or by choice.

The vegan diet is more than just a meatless eating plan or a “boring diet.” In fact, those who follow a vegan lifestyle enjoy some of the most creative meals and snacks, and they certainly aren’t missing out when it comes to taste.

aladdins vegan options

First thing’s first: what is veganism?

Simply put, veganism is more than just a diet; it is a way of living. The dictionary defines veganism as the practice of eating only food not derived from animals and typically of avoiding the use of other animal products. This means those who lead a vegan lifestyle avoid meat, eggs, and dairy.

Vegans supplement the nutrients meat, eggs, and dairy provide by focusing on adding more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds to their diets.

Okay, so why do people go vegan?

There are quite a few reasons people decide to follow a vegan diet and lifestyle, ranging from health, to ethics, to environmental concerns.

For example, when it comes to health, the vegan diet assists in weight loss because of the low level of calories consumed. Following the vegan diet helps regulate your blood sugar and keeps your heart healthy, all thanks to the amount of vegetables eaten each day.

In addition, many choose to adopt a vegan lifestyle for ethical and environmental reasons as well. According to the Vegan Society, compassion is a large reason many make the switch. They don’t want the food they consume to come from any animal.

What can vegans eat?

While the stereotype makes people think that all vegans can consume is lettuce and water, that is extremely far from the truth.

When following a vegan diet, anything that comes from a plant is fair game. A quick list of vegan-friendly staples include:

All of those items are what’s typically included on a grocery list, and there are so many different meals and snacks you can cook using those ingredients. Anything from hummus (hey!) to trail mix can make a great snack, and meals like chickpea pancakes or vegetable sushi rolls can be as creative as they are delicious.

Aladdin’s vegan menu items

Our menu at Aladdin’s is filled with vegan-friendly meals that are healthy, flavorful, and filling. We even offer vegan dessert options (subject to availability) because no one should be denied their sweets!

Not only are our vegan options great for those following the lifestyle, but they serve as great meal examples for the vegan-curious.

The best part? Many of our vegan options are enjoyed by vegans, vegetarians, and meat-lovers alike. Here are some examples of vegan-friendly menu items at Aladdin’s:


Ready to find your new favorite vegan meal? Visit us today or order online from an Aladdin’s near you and enjoy!